Welcome to my site! I started a small technology blog focused on Data Center technologies and the impact of the cloud revolution. Many topics will pertain to things I get to work on at VCE but anything goes. The contents of this blog are my own, and subjects will vary. Hopefully some of the information I post will be useful to the community.

About Me: I live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I have been a “techie” for a long time. I started with a small integrator based out of Norwalk, CT where I picked up VoIP, networking and Windows admin skills. This got me into Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies where I spent a year working on Telco voice switches and VoIP. Unfortunately Lucent fell apart and my group was sold to an investor as INS which got acquired by British Telecom a few years later. I spent two years working in NOCs up in Hartford, CT honing my Cisco skills and then jumped into storage networking. For the next 7+ years I worked with EMC and in October 2010 accepted a role at Acadia / VCE.

Contact me on Twitter @tchatham or via e-mail tchatham {at} gmail dot com.


  1. Don Coleman says:

    Re your lab. Why do a physical lab? What are the advantages? If run under ws7 or ws8 then hardware costs are reduced or next to nothing is your rig has a decent CPU with a minimum of 4 cores and 8 to 16gb.

    1. Sure VMware Workstation can be used to build a lab on your existing laptop or desktop and you can learn a lot. Plus there are a number of vendor training classes that leverage workstation for labs. However performance and system resources become an issue as you try to load up more VMs. Also if you want to test out something like vCloud Director or site to site replication you’ll need some additional ESX hosts.