VCE Vision Intelligent Operations

Vision Intelligent Operations Software for Vblock Systems

Enabling simple management of Vblock Integrated Infrastructure Systems from VMware vCenter. Vision performs Discovery, Identification, Health Monitoring, Loggging, and Validation of Vblock hardware plus offers an Open API.

VCEVisionVCE Vision Intelligent Operations software capabilities for Vblock systems:

      • Discovery:  Ensuring management tools constantly reflect the most current state of Vblock Systems. As hardware changes the inventory auto-updates.
      • Identification:  Enabling the converged system view. All component details are fed up to the user interface. Hardware model, status, serial numbers, etc.
      • Validation:  Providing system assurance and ensuring compliance with the interoperability matrix. Ensuring running firmware is compatible across components and across Vblocks.
      • Health Monitoring:  Expediting diagnosis and remediation. Correlating hardware warnings, errors and failures with the virtual environment.
      • Logging:  Promoting rapid troubleshooting. The Vblock consists of many hardware devices. Vision assembles all log activity into one location, for review during issue resolution.
      • Open API:  Simplifying integration, backed by VCE and an open community of developers.

The software is delivered pre-installed on all new Vblock Systems, and includes:

    • The VCE Vision Intelligent Operations System Library that runs on all Vblock Systems to implement core functionality including the discovery, compliance, and the object model.
    • A plug-In for vCenter and an adapter for vCenter Operations Manager that enable native integration with these two key components of the VMware management toolset
    • A software development kit, which includes the API documentation, sample code, Java bindings and a simulator, as well as an on-line developer community to help foster innovation.

It is important to mention where Vision fits. It is not a replacement for your current M&O solution. It complements an existing investment in almost any orchestration product that can take advantage of the API. For example, Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (CIAC) could kick off a workflow to request system health from Vision before it began a service provisioning activity. CIAC would receive back status and determine if it will proceed or flag a hardware issue for follow up. The same goes for DynamicOps, Cloupia, BMC or CA products.

vCenter Integration: Vblock next to your virtual data center!!




vCenter Operations Manager – Health Monitoring



This raises the bar in the converged infrastructure market and there’s much more to come.


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